Destination Procrastination

Tia talks about what it’s like when the hair color you are on the inside isn’t necessarily the one growing out of your head. I FULLY subscribe to this theory, BTW


Kim Kardashian’s dumbest quotes about love
8 nail polishes every woman needs

Fart-filtering underwear: It’s A Thing
[The Luxury Spot]

Tamar wants you to stop TALKING about kale and I agree. Also, porkbelly. For the love


Some less expensive alternatives to Kelly Clarkson’s beautiful Temperley London wedding gown

I don’t typically see it (in the parlance of the Queen’s English) for cap sleeves, but this longer sleeved iteration from Brooks Brothers is perfect for a corporate gal
These dachshund loafers from C. Wonder are, in a word, everything
[Fashion Binge]

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