Nordstrom Zella Live-in Leggings Review

By Julia Casella

Hey Geiko marketing: Your next “happier than” commercial should be: happier than an NYC girl in Target because as Amber and I overloaded our cart this weekend (and to think that at first we wanted a basket, pshh) I realized there are very few reasons to leave NYC and Target is one of them.

As we headed toward checkout, I asked A if she trusted their yoga pants (more to come on our other purchases). She said yes, but as we know,  she also loves the VS ones and I realized I never shared my not-lulu legging love: Nordstrom Zella Live-in Leggings. At first, I got them because the price tag wasn’t approaching three digits but now, dare I say, I like them more. I’ve had mine for a year and they look and feel brand new. My best friend recommended them to me-her pair is going on 3 years and I’ve never seen anything age so well.

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