Amika + Birchbox Exclusive Mini Custom Blow Dryer Review

When I travel, I’ve cut down my must-haves list considerably, and yet, I’m still toting a heavy-ass carry-on jam-packed with “essentials.” Andrea Arterbery once earnestly asked if I had “cheerins” (children) in my bag, it was so heavy on a press trip to New Orleans. The issue? 

My luggage sometimes resembles that of Tom Hanks’ character Joe in “Joe Vs. the Volcano.”
I’m a light clothing packer but my products weigh me down. And I always pack a blow dryer. You canNOT expect that your hotel, no matter how luxe, will have anything other than some standard issue Conair (that’s if you’re lucky) sans straightening attachment. Quelle problem. The solution? Amika + Birchbox‘s new exclusive Mini Custom Blow Dryer, debuting on ($36, or get it as a GWP for a spend of $85) available on October 2. Despite being wee, at 1000 watts this mini-dryer is powerful enough to create smooth, sleek styles (or curly ones, thanks to a teensy diffuser) on the road. It works just as well as your garden variety gigunda one at one-third the size and weight.
Do you bring your own dryer with you when you travel? Or am I cra?

The Amika Mini Custom Blow Dryer is available here

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