Emmys 2013 Hair & Makeup: Morena Baccarin

Is Morena Baccarin not the flyest with-child lady ever to hit a red carpet? The Homeland actress looked stunning in a strapless red Alexander McQueen gown. Her makeup and hair team, Lina Hanson for Bellapierre Cosmetics and Jill Crosby for T3 shared how to get the look, below. 

Says Lina, “Morena was wearing such a striking red gown, I was immediately inspired by the vibrancy of its color and her soft, feminine hair look. I opted to keep her makeup very classic and elegant with a sophisticated black cat eye and a true, matte-red lip color.

“I started out by dusting an even layer of Bellapierre Mineral Compact Foundation in Nutmeg on her face using a big fluffy Bellapierre powder brush.

Next, I dusted on Bellapierre Compact Bronzing Powder in Pure Element with attention to her forehead, chin and nose for a natural, sun-kissed look.

For Morena’s eye makeup, I used color tones from the Bellapierre Shimmer 9Stack in Pandera. I started with Nude on the entire eyelid and brushed it up to the brow bone. I then used taupe-grey Sensation on the crease and blended it in. Finally, I applied taupe-bronze Cocoa on top of the crease. For her liner, I used the Bellapierre Eyeliner Duo in Black to create a winged cat eye. I curled her eyelashes and applied several coats of Bellapierre Mascara in Black. I added a strip of eyelashes, then applied another coat of mascara.

I used Bellapierre Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Chocolate to fill in and create a defined eyebrow.

To give her a natural, healthy glow, I dusted some Bellapierre Compact Mineral Blush in Amaretto on the apples of her cheeks using a Bellapierre Blush Brush.

For Morena’s lips, I mixed Bellapierre Luminous and Ruby Lipsticks to get the perfect red to complement her dress. To create a matte texture, I first applied Bellapierre Mineral Compact Foundation in Nutmeg to her lips, applied lipstick color, and patted down with a tissue. I then reapplied the lipstick, and then patted down with a tissue once more to create a stained, matte effect.

I finished the look by sweeping a light touch of Bellapierre Mineral Compact Foundation in Nutmeg on her face before she headed out for the red carpet.” 

Jill created an Italian-inspired very romantic, deconstructed low, loose chignon for Morena.

Jill began by wetting Morena’s hair and creating a center part. She then made 2 pin curls at the front on each side of Morena’s face, securing with small, single-pronged clips.

Next, Jill dried the other parts of Morena’s hair using the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer with a “pulling and stretching” technique with her fingers. This created a soft wave. She did not use a brush or clips in order to keep the texture.

Jill then added hair extensions in order to create a chignon with Morena’s shoulder-length hair. (The extensions were first curled with the T3 SinglePass Whirl Wand in order to create texture and match the rest of Morena’s hair.)

Next,  Jill made a braid with the extensions and wound them into a chignon at the lowest part of Morena’s nape, anchoring with a 3” hair pin

Jill then released the pin curls and used the T3 SoftTouch 2 Diffuser with the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer to stretch them out into a loose “S” pattern and finished with finishing spray.

EXPERT TIP: “Don’t get too specific with the technique; you want to create a deconstructed, loose shape with texture.” 

What do you think of Morena Baccarin’s hair and makeup last night?

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