Fauxtion: 3 Creamy Body Washes That Eliminate The Need For Lotion

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On of my thrills in LIFE is Lifehacker’s How I Work feature, which showcases movers and shakers in tech and how they organize their work day. There are tons of time-saving tips, tricks and tools that help one feel as if she’s gaining precious minutes of her lifestyle back throughout the day and I’d posit that the same holds true in one’s beauty routine. One of my life hacks during the week is to use a rich, skin-drenching body wash in lieu of lotion post-shower (I know, you would never, but listen to me). It can’t be done with just any garden-variety wash that claims to be rich enough (sort of like the Jay Gatsby of washes, which many tend to be), but there are a select few which meet my high hydration needs.

Nuance Salma Hayek Passion Fruit Nourishing Body Cleansing Cream $10, cvs.com
This fruity-scented creamy wash will add a first-world aspect to your shower. Spike it with brown sugar for an exfoliating experience.

Olay Ultra Nourishing Body Wash With Shea Butter $5, walmart.com
DUDE. When they say there’s a full jar of Olay moisturizer in here, they aren’t kidding. It’s in there like Prego. Get involved; feel lusciously smooth and flake-free for 24 hours.

Yves Rocher Nourishing Shower Cream With Organic Shea Butter $4 at yvesrocher.com
Yves Rocher is one of my beauty gateway drugs; I ordered from the French brand’s catalog as a teen (chamomile shampoo FTW!). The brand’s nourishing shea butter cleanser leaves skin soft enough to skip body lotion and also doubles as a shave cream.

Are you a body lotion skipper? What are your favorite nourishing body washes? Or are you a gel gal? Or a soap scion? Tell me everything. Go.

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