Manicure Of The Moment: Essie Play Date

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is paint my nails and my Kauai gals Erika and Julia are on the same page.
This week’s manicure is Essie‘s Play Date, an exact purple/pink hybrid. This elusive shade is the same as an awesome T-shirt I had from Old Navy in the late ’90s that I CHERISHED until it literally fell apart. It’s perfect and flatters a tan like nobody’s business. 

What’s on your nails? 

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1 Comment Manicure Of The Moment: Essie Play Date

  1. lmc1971

    Ohh, lovely shade, don’t think I have that one! Today I’m wearing Dior’s “Destin”…a metallic neutral, it’s really lovely and a fave over the past month.



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