Throwback Thursday Hair Care Commercial: Revlon Outrageous

Cindy Crawford. A delightfully sophisticated scent for your mane. You’re pretty much lying if you tell me you never bought a bottle in the early ’90s.

Comment if you remember this commercial and rocked Outrageous!
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5 Comments Throwback Thursday Hair Care Commercial: Revlon Outrageous

  1. denae

    I was so in love with outrageous shampoo and conditioner. I wish so badly they still made it. I would pay twice as much as even nice shampoos, that’s how much I loved it. The smell was like no other shampoo, EVER! I currently buy boxes of Revlon color silk hair dye and only use the tiny packet of conditioner because it is amazing.

  2. nancelina

    I use to live with this shampoo why did you stop it I hate all the shampoo s they have now and the smell of it is unreal I really wish it was here at our store in Santa, Cruz CA.

  3. aliana

    I so remember this product I love it! Are they for sale bc I want to buy and revive the early 90s! That smell brings me back memories


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