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By Ed Roberts

The Ultimate Fashion Accessory?

Whether you’re primarily using them for form or function, there’s no doubt that glasses can completely change a person. Glasses hold the amazing ability to make a person look infinitely cooler and smarter, build or break their confidence or be used as a prop to compliment a style. But it can’t all be good, here’s a rundown of the best and worst things about owning a pair of specs.
Simple and convenient, glasses are so simple to wear it’s just a matter of popping them on whenever you need them. Compare that to using contact lenses where you need to have a mirror, solution, short nails and then go through the whole fiddly procedure of changing them.
The Inconvenient Truth
So let’s admit there are situations where glasses are less than ideal. Like going to the cinema to see a 3D film or going out in the sun. Wearing two pairs of glasses at once isn’t the strongest of looks you must admit. They’re never there when you need them and even the lightest drizzle of rain renders them completely unusable as you end up covering the lenses in greasy smudges whilst trying your very best to clean them.
Losing the Little Devils
The other issue with glasses is when you lose them. Especially when you have a strong prescription as you can’t even see the bloody things to help the situation, the cruelest of jokes. You could wear a glasses rope to keep them safe, but this isn’t exactly the most fashionable look around.
It’s Just the Little Things
Often with glasses it’s just the little things that are the most irritating; like the fact if you wear glasses you have to shower blind and whenever you are cooking your glasses get steamed up in minutes. Other issues include; the fact that they get caught in your hair and can mess up your hairstyle, that wearing headphones means crushing the glasses arm against your head, falling asleep in them and bending them beyond a salvageable state.
Glasses Love or Hate
So I’ve come to the end of this rant as undecided as when I start putting fingers to keyboard so I’m going to turn it over to you, our dear reader. What are your thoughts on the humble spectacle? Do the benefits of being able to see clearly (whilst looking remarkably sophisticated) outweigh these minor frustrations?
This guest post was produced by undecided spectacle wearer Ed Roberts, a writer and community manager for Clinic Compare. For more information and advice on corrective eye surgery as well as a free quotes comparison service, visit: lasereyesurgery.cliniccompare.co.uk/ .

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