Motivate Monday… Because You’ve Already Lost 4 Pounds

Motivate Mon…because you’ve already lost 4 pounds .
Even if you have it, you probably don’t know what cellulite really is.
Do I look fat in this before picture? Check out one guy’s quest to going from a “before” picture to an ‘after” in just a few hours.
I have been in a serious coconut kick lately ( I am obsessed with Danielle chips) and these cherry almond coconut protein balls look so good. 

I love “ What’s in my bag” video on youtube/ these refrigerator look book posts. What can I say, I am super nosy.

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1 Comment Motivate Monday… Because You’ve Already Lost 4 Pounds

  1. Mike

    I initially saw this photo on the Huntingtonpost. There is no way, you can get that fit in 4 hours. I sense some photo shopping here as well.


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