Throwback Thursday: Yoga To Combat The Sunday Blues

Intro By Julia Casella 
Sometimes it’s hard to pick a favorite! My favorite movie, song, painting, book, family member ( yea I said that), and obviously, beauty product changes constantly. That’s why I can’t get a tattoo even though sometimes I really want one. But when it comes to picking my favorite BBJ article there is no doubt in my mind– it is and forever will be Fitness Blogging Junkie: Yoga to Combat the Sunday Blues.

I didn’t follow Amber’s advice ( sorry A!) and pick up yoga but I did have an Om moment: Amber and Angela Chase both understood my Sunday sentiments. If you’ve ever felt as if “there’s something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself. And that creepy 60 Minutes watch that sounds like your whole life ticking away” then read the post. Yoga is not everyone’s answer to fighting Sunday sentiments but Amber’s writing and clever so-called-life reference will inspire you to find your own. 

There’s something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself. And that creepy 60 Minutes watch that sounds like your whole life ticking away.–Angela Chase

Since I was in middle school, every Sunday night from 6pm on, I freak out.

My closest friends are aware and know that when they reach me during that pivotal time, I may be in A Mood. It’s so odd. No matter if I’m working for myself or back in the dimmest, darkest days of my worst full-time gigs, I get so stressed about the waning weekend and the packed workweek ahead. Somehow the equivalent of being made a fool of by the only boy I’ll ever love and a looming Geometry exam for which I can’t study because Brian Krakow has my text book (though the modern day equivalent is a deadline for which I don’t have all the interviews or info) always emerges in some small capacity on Sunday night. For a long time, I used to insist on total and utter solitude the entire night to get a jump on the week’s work. And yet, that did little to relieve the stress.

Lately, I’ve taken to addressing this behavior straight on by instituting two things on Sundays, and they’re quite simple. Family dinner (i.e., a gossipy dins with three of my best gal pals–usually DinaAndrea Lavinthal and AHNGE Arterbery) and a Sunday sesh of yoga.

The daughter of one of my dad’s longtime colleagues, Be, recently invited me to attend one of her classes at in Williamsburg and I felt like a new woman after indulging in a 75-minute class a few Sundays ago. The class was fantastic. For years, I’ve skipped working out on Sundays but I have to wonder if there’s a direct correlation with my major misery every single week on that day only? Be’s energy, music choice and adjustments were great and while I felt like my bod got the stretching and workout it needed, I left feeling relaxed, centered and best of all–not too sweaty.

I highly recommend checking out one of Be’s classes in Brooklyn or Union Square. Here’s her schedule:

Tuesday 4:30pm Prana Brooklyn
Wednesday 6:30am Prana Brooklyn
Thursday 8:15pm Prana Union Square
Friday 6:30am Prana Brooklyn
Saturday 12:15 Prana Brooklyn
Saturday 4:30pm Prana Union Square
Saturday 6:15pm Prana Union Square
Sunday 12:15pm Prana Brooklyn

For more info, check out Be’s site at and


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