Cosmoprof Trends: Day 1

I jetted off to Las Vegas to blaze a path of product glory through Cosmoprof, the world’s largest beauty trade show. Held annually at Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas (and other locations globally throughout the year including Bologna, Italy, where the Cosmoprof company is based and Hong Kong and Shanghai), hundreds of brands ranging from household names to emerging lines showcase their latest launches. I talked to veritable throng of beauty brand representatives hawking everything from self-adjusting tinted moisturizer to truffle oil-infused body and skin care products. One trend that emerged? Stretching your beauty dollar. The 4 best products designed to make your current products more efficient and those designed to extend the time between pricey salon visits are listed below.

Extend Time Between Hair Color Visits 
The Dow Jones Industrial Average may be on the up and up, but perhaps since the recession started years ago, we’ve now become accustomed to getting the most bang for our color buck. To that end, natural brand Tela Beauty Organics has created Color Lock Anti-Color Fade Serum, which minimizes damage during color processing by sealing in color while protecting hair and scalp. It’s added to the color mixture in-salon, but the same blend of sunflower seed extract, canola seed oil and coconut protein can be used at home to maintain results in between color visits. After shampooing and conditioning, remove excess water, apply Color Lock from roots to ends. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes, then rinse and style as usual. Color fading goes the way of Edward Snowden from the US of A, stat. $36,

Supercharge Your Existing Skin Care
Bring the benefits of microdermabrasian to your regularly scheduled face wash with Nutrifoliant Facial Cleanser Booster from Nutrient Skin Care. The booster (travel friendly in a small bottle) contains microdermabrasian crystals combined with powdered nutrients to deliver to deliver nourishment to the skin in a simple, concentrated formula. $34 at

Get Every Last Drop Of Your Favorite Gloss
Swoon founder and CEO Keisha Wright was vacationing in Aruba when she was down to the last couple applications of her favorite Bobbi Brown lip gloss. The problem? She couldn’t access them. So she invented Swoon, a beauty tool with a flexible, easy-to-clean applicator head that aggressively invites itself to the denouement of every gloss tube, giving you the ability to reach formerly lost gloss. $15 at

For A Uniform Sunless Tan At Home 
Instead of relying on spendy spray tans that cost too much time and money (not to mention dignity–rocking your birthday suit while a tan tech sprays you with frigid self-tanner is not for the faint of heart), now you can score an even tan, even on the hardest-to-reach place. I tend just to bronze my face, arms and legs during the winter and opt for whatever I can reach on my back by contorting when I go for a full application in the summer months. If you don’t have a roommate or spouse at your disposal, it’s impossible to reach back there. Enter the Sheer Tan Wand. The set comes with a tanning wand and clear tanning spray so you can be a tanning party of one in the privacy of your own home with results that warrant sharing with… another party. $40 at

Which product are you most jonesing to try?

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