6 Things To Know About Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton + Win Tampax’ Awesomely Active Girls Challenge

Tampax Pearl Active and pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton are joining forces to spotlight active gals. To that end, they’ve created the The Awesomely Active Girls Challenge, designed to celebrate and reward girls who share pictures of moments when they have been awesomely active. I caught up with the pro surfer recently, who shared her favorite beauty products, how she got back in the game after a major trauma that would have sidelined many a water enthusiast and what she packs on long plane trips to keep her energized. More on how you can enter The Awesomely Active Girls Challenge below, as well.

1. She credits her faith in God as helping her motivate after her shark attack at the age of 13. “We all face different challenges. Little or big that feel like they’re holding us back. We have to find something to help us overcome it. For me, my faith in God motivated me and being grateful despite how awful it seemed. It’s crazy how something so awful could be turned into something so beautiful. Keep your mindset on looking for the good in things. Sometimes life sucks and it’s really hard and it’s tough to find your smile but put that energy into looking for the good in hard situations,” said Bethany. “It’s been fun to team up with Tampax to encourage young girls to stay active no matter what they’re going through. It helps you manage things.”

2. Bethany’s favorite products include a fabulous mascara, Tahitian body oil and natural SPF. “I love to use Parfumerie Tiki oil on my legs. Hawaii isn’t that dry so I tend not to need lotion, I just slather some of that on. As for SPF, I use Eco Logical sunscreen and UV Natural. My favorite conditioners are It’s A Ten and JOICO,” explained Bethany. “The best mascara is Lancome Hypnose and I keep my lips hydrated with Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm.”

3. She loves surfing because it’s a unique experience every time you get out on the water. “I fell in love with the sport when I learned how when I was a toddler. It’s a slow learning curve sport. It’s unique from the time before every time you go out. Tennis is great, but somewhat repetitive,” she noted.

4. Her other workouts include gym training, playing around with the TRX and high intense intervals for 20 minutes. “I’ll do 40 seconds on 10 seconds off for 12-16 repetitions. I also like to play tennis, or go on a hike with friends or my dog.”

5. Her travel workouts (when she doesn’t have access to an ocean and a board) run the gamut. “I travel 6 months of the year, I need to be flexible. For example, this morning, I had a 6:30am pickup, and I woke up early to read and then worked out for 15 minutes and then got dressed. I’ll work out really hard for 15 minutes if that’s all I have. When I have an hour and a half, I’ll stretch out really well and take my time. I normally run a 10-15 minute mile and my friend and I were running in NJ and got to 8:30! I’m a mermaid, I’m not a land gal! So running isn’t easy for me. I like to mix it up. If I get bored it’s hard to motivate.”

6. Her nutritional tips for an aspiring surfer include Zico coconut water, greens and fish.“Being active, I like to stay hydrated with Zico coconut water. A little sugar, salt and electrolytes helps muscles recover better. Sometimes athletes slack on their nutrients because they think because they’re active they can eat whatever. I try to be careful about it. Lots of dark, leafy greens and get good proteins like fish. Keep it really pure and focus on organic and shop at the farmer’s market at home. It’s fun to pick out your own veggies and stuff. On the road, planes, I pack kale chips and an apple. Happycow.com will search a city for healthy restaurants–vegetarian, vegan or just regular healthy restaurants.

Want to try your chances at winning the Tampax Awesomely Active Girls Challenge? In addition to being featured on the Tampax Facebook page, you have the opportunity to win a chance for your photo to appear in Tampax Pearl Active advertising. From now through July 21, enter the Awesomely Active Girls Challenge by submitting a photo of yourself taking on your favorite activity with 140 character caption on Facebook.com/Tampax. Beginning July 29 and through October 6 the community can place votes for their favorite moment. Each week, a winner will be selected and highlighted as the “Awesomely Active Girl of the Week,” not only receiving the spotlight but also $500, a year’s supply of Tampax Pearl Active and additional product to share with their closest friends or teammates. For more information on the Awesomely Active Girls Challenge, including official contest rules, visit Facebook.com/Tampax.

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