Lather New Summer Nights Body Oils

Lather’s got some new blended pure essential oils you’ll want to rock for an estival glow. They’re very summer lovin’, had me a blast. I know, I’ll tell you more, tell you more. 

Inspired by the indie brand’s in-store Blending Bars where you can make your own bath and body products, these oils are limited edition and come in three variations. 

Summer Nights is a sultry blend of jasmine, neroli, frankincense, lavender and coriander. It even acts as an aphrodisiac, if you need a little help to get you in the mood to make out–under the dock, until 10:00, of course.  It’s my favorite of the trio. 

Summer Breeze boasts a cooling blend of lemon, lavender, juniper and neroli that refreshes. 

Summer Solstice combines jasmine, blood orange and bergamot for an invigorating hydration iteration. 

Use ’em up ’til it turns colder– that’s where it ends. Summer Body Oils are available for $16 at

Are you a body oil fan or do you prefer a cream or a lotion? 

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