Kryolan Relaunches Its Website + New Products

One of the Kryolan models at the launch event

Makeup artists the world over are familiar with German-based makeup brand Kryolan. The Berlin-based brand began 66 years ago and has served theater, film and television around the globe. Kryolan will still serve the theater, of course. But it’s becoming more appealing to the Hillary Whitneys (i.e., consumers and non-thespians, a reference to “Beaches,” of course) of the world in addition to its C.C. Blums it’s already won over. Plus, the brand’s relaunching its website.

Kryolan archive
Kryolan Professional Make-up had Alexis and I over to jolly old England for a relaunch party for the brand at the Royal Society of Chemistry a few months ago. There, the brand revealed a new look, feel and slogan, Kryolan: Make-up Is A Science

Another model at the event. 
A Marie Antoinette era model. 

Kryolan’s colors and textures are rare in that the color
you see in the packaging is the hue you see on the skin. 

The brand’s new positioning draws on Kryolan’s heritage creating products for makeup artists since the 1920s. This was when the line’s founder, Arnold Langer, a committed chemistry student heavily influenced by the artistic expression in Berlin, combined his passion for theater and science to create the makeup range. Kryolan is also launching seven new products.

HD Living Color in Silver and Silk Gold: Two stunning new colors introduced to Kryolan’s range of vibrant pigments that give long-lasting results and can be used as eye shadow, color intensifier, or for creating the makeup artist’s own airbrush colors with the HD Micro Foundation On Air Colorless Base.

HD Micro Primer: The lightest of primers, this product has been developed to smooth out pores and even the skin while enhancing makeup application. 

Faceliner: A 17.5 cm lip and/or eyeliner pencil with a new texture, formulated to achieve perfect lines that last.

Nail Color: Hardwearing and chip-resistant, the new nail polishes from Kryolan come in a range of vibrant shades for the most imaginative of creations. For a perfect finish, use Kryolan Base Coat. For a matte effect, use Kryolan Nail Top Coat.

Eye Shadow Primer: A new and improved formulation for any eye shadow that allows flawless blending and enhances durability. 

Lipstick in LC334: A striking and fashionable neon color, but more sheer than other Kryolan lipstick colors. 

Make-up Blend: A liquid to smoothen or dilute any cream makeup, from foundation to lipsticks. Just add 1-2 drops, mix and apply to the face or body.  

The line is pigmented and cultivates a decidedly theatrical vibe, in a good way. Whether you’re set on getting as dramatic as CeCe Blum’s “Oh Industry” sequence (am I the only one who is DYING to see the rest of that play?) or simply want to bring your color-saturation A-game, Kryolan’s got your cosmetics needs covered.

I’m of the mind you’ll feel things deeply for it, as C.C. once said on-air. That’s right, C.C. Certainly not the hand-walking queer.  Check out all Kryolan has to offer at

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