Smartphones Sonograms + More: Destination Procrastination

Um, this exists: A (let’s be real with each other) phallic attachment can tell you via your iPhone if you’re pregnant. Progress or positively gross? 
[The Luxury Spot]

All the details of Taylor Swift’s Keds collection
[Betty Confidential]

FOBU (fear of breaking up) is so intense, people are ACTUALLY now scheduling breakups in advance so heaven forbid they attend a single function solo
[How About We]

Here’s why I would like to be a mantis shrimp. Can you imagine what it’d be like to take a GAY mantis shrimp paint shopping with you? 
[The Oatmeal]

Ten things Joan Holloway would say about dating
[The Frisky]

The two beauty products most women swear by

[Glamour The Girls In The Beauty Department]

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