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After what feels like a winter of Game of Thrones proportions, we’re finally close to ditching the tights. The only problem is that my copy-paper white complexion isn’t quite ready for a grand unveiling without a healthy application of self-tanner. Here, my step-by-step guide to scoring a sultry self-tanner

1. Hop in your shower, but don’t turn the water on just yet. A dry scrub-down with your favorite
exfoliator (I like a sugar/oil combo–you can even combine olive oil and brown sugar for a DIY version) will help you shed dead skin cells and create a more uniform texture to which the self-tanner can adhere. With this method, you’ll score a more even, smooth
2. Turn the shower on a rinse it all off thoroughly. Then, shave everything that needs to be shaved. The scrub will make for a smoother shave. 
3. Towel off and apply moisturizer (skip the ones with fragrance as that can potentially cause self-tanner to react differently) only to elbows, knees and heels. 
4. Apply your self-tanner to face, arms, legs, torso and back (as best you can; perhaps enlist the help of someone else for hard-to-reach areas). 
5. After you apply it all over, wash your hands to avoid stained palms. Then, for extra insurance
against brown palms that could develop as the day wears on (specifically if you didn’t choose a tinted formula), wet a Puffs tissue with makeup remover and wipe down palms and in between the fingers thoroughly to remove excess tanner. Tissues are great beauty implements–I use them to remove nail polish, or twist them up and dip in makeup remover to clean up graphic eyeliner into a customized shape. They’re also great for blotting lipstick in between coats for a long-lasting lipstain.
6. Using the back of your knuckle, scoop a tiny amount onto the back of one of your hands and
rub the backs of the hands together to make sure the backs of the hands all the way to your wrists won’t look suspiciously pale.
7. Let the self-tanner dry 15-20 minutes before putting on clothes.
That’s it! What’s your best self-tanning tip? Share it in the comments.

This post is sponsored by Puffs, but all opinions herein are my own. 

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6 Comments Sponsored: How To Apply Self-tanner

  1. Elizabeth

    Great tip and every woman needs this. I can’t wait to ditch the winter clothes and wear something different for a change. I am definitely going to do this. A good tan is definitely going to be a good preparation for Summer.

  2. Susie

    Wow!!! This is what I need. Thanks for sharing this. I always wanted to try out self tanners at home but I was afraid to for I might do it the right way. Thanks for your step by step procedure and I can do it now.

  3. Amber Katz

    Hi Carrie,

    I’m very pale myself and I love:

    Kate Somerville Self-tanning Wipes
    Clarins Delicious
    Guerlain Tinted Self-tanning Gel

    St Tropez actually makes remover wipes for self-tanner now!


  4. Carrie from Talking In Space

    Is there a particular brand of self-tanner you would recommend for the very pale? I have not used self-tanner since I was a teenager and it always oranged up in certain places. Any tips on how to remove tanner if it splotches or I mess it up?

  5. Erika

    For harder to reach areas on your back, rub in self tanner with the back of your hand, not your palm. It increases your reach a little. Also, use the palms of your hands to rub in tanner to avoid streaking. I’ve heard some people use whitening toothpaste on their palms to avoid staining but I haven’t tried that one.


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