Road-tested: CHI Amino Acid Treatment

My hair still has mega volume, just a week after the treatment. 

I hadn’t had a keratin treatment since December 2010 when my gal Rachel Hollis recommended I try out a service courtesy of her friend Kim Gueldner at Rita Hazan. I opted for the Chi Amino Acid Treatment, to calm my Monica-in-Hawaii mane (of Friends fame) and to lessen the burden of blowing out my hair several times a week post-Flywheel, which assassinates my ‘do on a regular. When I heard that this treatment is formaldehyde-free, lasts up to 4 months AND won’t make me look like Axl Rose for the first few weeks, I was sold.

The CHI Amino Acid Treatment infuses amino acids into your hair making it smoother, softer and shinier–to which I can attest.  At Rita Hazan, the service costs $450, but Kim will do just your bangs and around your hairline for just $75, which is an excellent option for summer.

Here’s how the treatment works. After a shampooing, the smoothing product will be applied to your damp hair and allowed to process for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on your formulation). Next, without rinsing the product, your stylist will blow your hair before flat ironing at 410 degrees to cure the product into your hair. It is recommended that you leave your hair down for the next 24 hours, without headbands, hair ties, or even sunglasses to hold your hair back off your head. Your hair may feel a little tacky, kind of like forgot to rinse the conditioner out of your hair. Don’t worry about it, it’s part of the process. You can wash your hair after 24 hours, but you should do your best to refrain from pulling hair back, tucking it behind your ears or rocking a headband for another few days at a minimum.

Two weeks later, my hair is softer, shinier, straightens super-easily and looks much better now that it’s not privy to humidity’s wildest whims. I just have to wash it with sufate-free shampoos to maintain it, which I already do to keep my ombre fresh. I scored a ton of compliments on it when I was in Philadelphia this weekend catching up with some friends from high school. I highly recommend Kim’s handiwork–she’s fun to chat with AND she’s tended to the tresses of such stars as Faith Hill, so you know you’re in good hands. 

Call Rita Hazan at 212-586-4343 to make an appointment before it gets too schvitzy. And tell me: Are you keratin-ing? Have you tried the CHI Amino Acid Treatment? 

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  1. BeautyTraveler


    I posted on your facebook as well. I tried this the first month it was launched at Rita Hazan Salon with Myrna and I wasnt sure what to think about it. It did keep the volume, didnt damage hair but the frizzies unfortunately came back sooner then later. What I did like was it was easier to style and smooth out but next time I would do the brazilian around hairline and Chi on rest of the hair. Will try this duo in the summer and post it on my blog to see results. I think you look great:)


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