Oscars Hairstyle: Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman dazzled on the Oscar red carpet, wearing a shimmering black and gold L’Wren Scott gown and an elegant hairstyle designed by celebrity stylist Mara Roszak for Moroccanoil®.
“Nicole’s look was very glamorous, and I wanted to go with a textured updo that was a bit tousled,” said Mara Roszak.  Kidman’s hair was parted in the middle, with a loose chignon pulled to one side, and pieces falling forward to frame the face. Here’s how to get the look, straight from Roszak. 

  • “I first applied a bit of Moroccanoil Treatment Light for shine and smoothness, starting at the ends.
  • “I scrunched in a bit of Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse, worked it through the roots, and blow dried her hair using a small round brush to hold in body and texture.
  • “To define the texture and highlight movement and wave, I touched the hair up on the sides and top with a 1” curing iron, taking random sections so that the waves were not too perfect and looked more natural.
  • “Next, I loosely gathered and pulled hair to the side, twisted it and created a loose bun shape, adding bobby pins as I went to hold it in place.
  • “Once the bun was made, I sprayed on Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium, mostly on the bun, and let certain pieces fall out in front of ear and toward the face, then lightly sprayed the entire look.
What do you think of Nicole Kidman’s 2013 Oscars hairstyle? 

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