DIY Retro Mirror Flats A La Loucos E Santos’ Version

My DIY mirror-adorned flats! 

At mondo shoe trade show Couromoda in Brazil earlier this year, I met one of the designers for whimsical brand Loucos e Santos, which I only WISH were sold in the States. While interviewing her, she showed a group of us some INCREDIBLE flats adorned with a little retro mirror (below). I think you may know that I love nothing more than a ’60s style mirror motif. Reflective little things in fancy frames are all over my apartment. So I was devastated to learn that Loucos e Santos (and sister brand Jorge Bischoff) aren’t as of yet offered in the U.S. 

The meaning in my life and the inspiration for my little DIY project. 

And even though I’ve never DIY’d anything in my lifestyle beyond a manicure or a brown sugar scrub, I decided to order a hot glue gun for the occasion. I also chose the Prabal Gurung for Target black pointy flats ($30 at and looked high and low for a gold-framed retro mirror. 

I finally found the ones I scored above on eBay; they’re dollhouse bedroom framed mirrors and they were shipped from Hong Kong. You can buy them here for $5 each. 

Creating the retro mirror flats was super simple. I was nervous about my first glue-gun experience, but I just let it heat up, set up  my mirrors on a surface to wait in the meantime. Then, I “shot” three lines of glue in the center of each mirror on the back and then attached them to the front of the shoe. I left a little room at the point for it to show, letting the bottom part of the mirror hang over my “toe cleavage” area just a bit, like the originals did. 
I let them cool and tada! My very own retro mirror flats. I can’t wait to pair them with some jeans. I even Windexed them for the occasion. What do you think? Is this a project you’d try? 

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