Badgley Mischka Fall 2013: Backstage Beauty

Backstage at Badgely Mischka, the look was all about Hitchcock heroine glamour.

 love that this show is always straight-up pretty with interesting elements, but doesn’t have to be edgy just to feel fashiony. 
Peter Gray for Moroccanoil was inspired by some of Hitchcock’s femme fatales like Grace Kelly, Kim Novak and Eva Marie Saint. He started with Moroccanoil Tretment to condition and add depth to strands, followed by new Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection. He then worked through Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse from roots to ends for soft volume and hold. The look itself? From the back, it actually resembles the ‘do I wore to my bat mitzvah, though OBVIOUSLY better executed. Gray made a reverse french braid, then created a swirling effect on the top of the head, created a set, curling the hair from the front hairline before misting everything with Moroccanoil Hairspray Strong. Then the set was released and combed out at the crown, with loose pieces falling free. He then backcombed the top for a fluffy, feminine effect and used a fork comb to break up the edges. 
Tom Pecheux shows me the eyeliner, lip liner and lipstick on his magical hand.

Tom Pecheux for MAC Cosmetics did the makeup honors at Badgely Mischka. “For iconic Hitchcock actresses, I focused on the look she’d do for the red carpet. Very Hollywood glamour,” he explained. “I decided to do a very glam look, playing more with Technicolor flavor, like the movies back then. So of course we play with classic looks. Wing eyebrow, false lashes.” Pecheux cut the lashes and layered the two halves together and put them both on the ends of the eye for density. “The majority is in the corners,” noted Pecheux. The liner is a brown gold very metallic finish “to capture the light.” Pecheux used a creamy metallic pencil with brown and using a shadow on top of it for intensity and the creamy base helps the metallic to stick. White pencil was used inside the eyes and matte blue creamy liner on the lower lashes. “I don’t want to be literal,” he said. For this look, there’s no blush, just a little contour. The lips were created using a neon red pencil layered under a pale peach matte lipstick for the Technicolor effect. “It’s a milky red,” explained Pecheux.

Deborah Lippmann busted out a sneak peek of her holiday collection (called the silk collection) in a matte, shimmery red called Red Silk Boxers for the show.  It’s not out till the end of the year, but you can get a similar look with Through The Fire and Flat Top layered on top to tide you over until then. Tippi Hedren was the inspiration, so she went for a longer nail. Said Lippmann, “It’s about glamour and drama. The nail doesn’t match the lip; it coordinates, which is a very modern way to wear your manicure. They wanted the nail to make a statement.” It’s a red shimmery matte nail. She also showed me a preview of her new spring collection inspired by her cottage cheese ceiling. So cool.

What do you think of this look?

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