Official Mascara Correspondent: Pop Peak Performance Mascara

Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Cicucci‘s assignment this week is the latest from POP Beauty: Peak Performance Mascara. Check out that brush! Here, the review, in Ashleigh’s words.

Nothing really surprises me when it comes to mascara, but this one really knocked me on my keester.  For starters, the “brush” isn’t a brush, it’s a comb.  Not comb-like, but a COMB.  Second, there’s no handle you unscrew and pull out of the tube: the product pumps up into the comb with a few clicks of the base.  The formula is almost like paint, which means you’ve got a lot to work with with one coat.  While the comb is a little awkward to work with, it allows for great separation and precision when it comes to shaping the lash.  My lashes were full and dark and tapered.

However, do what you want with coat one because a second coat isn’t really an option.  Because the formula is so wet when you apply it to the roots it can clump and it’s hard to pull through to the tips.  This also cancels out any evening touch-up.

Don’t be freaked out when you wash this one off with soap and water: the formula comes off in tubes which appear to be your lashes falling out into the sink! While it can be alarming at first (if you don’t know what’s happening), it makes for easy removal with no smudgy under-eyes.  This mascara is a bit of a novelty, but one to try.–Ashleigh Ciucci 

The POP Peak Performance Mascara comes in four different shades and is available for $20 at

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