SK-II Ultimate Revival Essence Review

By Julia Casella

January to many people is about becoming light—letting go of last year’s problems, stress, cookie calories and overall sense of weight. So why not lighten your skincare as well?
The winter months definitely call for intense moisturizer, but that doesn’t mean you need to glob on the thickest cream you have. In fact, SK-II’s Ultimate Revival Essence is so light you might even think you are missing a step in your routine. But you’re not—post cleansing, pat on the clear liquid for a boost in hydration and that’s it. Moisturizer then becomes totally optional and unnecessary for oilier skin types.  But I, like Molly in Uptown Girls, have trouble of letting things go (is it just me or is that yard sale scene painful to watch? I think Ingrid is a little harsh) but now that I’m using Essence I am going to have to say bye to my moisturizer–sloughing off the excess to find your center. You want this. 

SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Essence is available for purchase at and LXP Ultimate Revival Essence retails for $250. 
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