Lena Dunham Doesn’t Quite Understand Oily Skin

I have a small bone to pick with Lena Dunham. I love her, of course. I live in the zeitgeist. I think she’s a genius. I think she is the voice of her generation (not even A generation). But girl doesn’t understand oily skin.

So Andrea Lavinthal was over the other day and we’re rewatching episodes of Girls, the season premiere of which is this Sunday (which I’m DVRing because I’ll be in Brazil! More on that later). I know, it’s meta. It’s like my life is The Game Of Life but I got stuck with a faulty version without any blue pieces and I’m not lucky enough to be a lesbian. Anyway. We’re watching the episode where Marnie and Jessa hang out together alone for like, the first time. All of it’s totally real. They wind up talking some fairly innocent trash on Hannah because they both know her so well (that would totally happen). And they vent about the fact that she’s not quite put together (fair, the costume director confessed to The New York Times that they actually tailor things to fit her badly). But then they talk about how she’ll leave one very vital grooming measure unfinished before taking off for a party–like having a greasy forehead. And Marnie goes, “It’s like, you’ve come this far–wash your forehead!” WRONG. Trust me, no one skips their forehead when washing the rest of their face.

Lena Dunham’s skin is obviously bone-dry. Because everyone with oily/shiny skin knows that it’s not a lack of washing that would leave your forehead gleaming in a bad way. It’s the failure to keep on top of its wellbeing like a TODDLER, applying toner, blotting papers and mattifying powder all the live-long day. Sometimes you forget and eat, say, a spicy soup, and you’re back to shine square one and have to mattify all over again. It’s a crazy amount of maintenance and someone afflicted (I say afflicted, but really, you’re blessed as that oil keeps your skin from looking old for years, so there’s that) with oily skin. 

Did you guys notice that? Did it bother anyone else? Other than that, love the show. The end. 

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