Melvita Shower Gels Review

By Julia Casella 

My favorite fall activity is by far, apple picking. And apple pie eating. But unfortunately this year I didn’t get the chance to do either and I was seriously bummed about it until I started using the latest shower gels from Melvita.
Formulated with active ingredients harvested from 100% organic local and fresh fruits, the Raspberry, Blueberry and Redcurrant and Apple, Quince and Hazelnut Organic Shower Gels are the best part of the season, in a shower friendly form. Apple, Quince and Hazelnut is a creamy, scrub while Raspberry, Blueberry and Redcurrant is an uplifting shower gel and the perfect ingredient for a berry bubble bath. Definitely way better than pie. 

Both shower gels are $14 and are available in the U.S. at Melvita’s two retail stores in San Francisco and Newport Beach, CA. Products are also available at and through leading online beauty retailers.

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