“A woman should wear perfume where she’d like to be kissed.”–Coco Chanel
Iconic beauty personages and products are having a resurgence of late–MAC Cosmetics‘ Marilyn Monroe-inspired line recently hit shelves, NARS is launching its Andy Warhol-influenced limited edition holiday set and Erno Laszlo‘s introduced pHormula 3-9 Cream and Serum, a prior version of which was one of Marilyn’s favorites.  Speaking of Marilyn, everyone who’s even casually familiar with her knows she wore Chanel Number 5 religiously. This is just one small piece of the brand’s amazing history, now told online on the website “Inside CHANEL” ( 

A series of original short films 2 to 4 minutes long recount the events and people who influenced the destiny of Coco Chanel and the legacy she left behind. This journey, full of images and historical evidence, takes you to the origins and to the heart of the creations of CHANEL. 
The story begins with the legend of N°5. CHANEL (but of course!) and opens in an unprecedented way its archives to capture the essence of this iconic fragrance, from its genesis to its muses, who have embodied the perfume since it was first created. 
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