Total Bargain: Nordstorm’s BP Runway Boot

Maybe it has to do with my emotional age being just-turned 18 (Jane Pratt confirmed this to me herself via Twitter when I told her it’s all I can do every year not to be wildly enticed by dorm furniture deals), but I love a Juniors department. I also have unironic subscriptions to Seventeen and Teen Vogue

I frequently frequent Free People, a brand I’ve been wearing since high school that’s totally intended for teens, though boasts some grown up styles for women even of Carol‘s age. But my favorite Junior section is Nordstrom’s Brass Plum for deals on classics like plain white tees, jewelry and even shades. And now? BOOTS. Check out these glamazing perfect leather flat boots in a range of shades for only $99! Can you even?

The BP Runway Boot is available at Tell me: Are you a Juniors fan? 

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