Vanitymark Dr. Kiss Lip Balm Review

By Taylor Ellsworth

I am here to tell you about a reimagined goodie from the 80’s, who also happens to be my fave doctor (other than Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. McSteamy, obvs). His name is Doctor Kiss, a seemingly random creation, since Vanitymark is legendary brow stylist Bret Freedman’s brow-centric line, but the product kicks major tush anyway. The formula contains 4% of the active ingredient from 80’s-era mood lipsticks, which adds the perfect amount of sexy flush all on its own, if you’re going for a natural lip.  

Doctor Kiss doesn’t smell like a sickly-sweet variation of Dr. Pepper or Watermelon Grape. Its mint-vanilla combo is the perfect mix of fresh and sweet, kind of like my favorite Odd Future member who sings soulful R&B ballads, Frank Ocean. As if the sensory experience of Doctor Kiss could not get any better, it also tastes like a stick of Orbit Sweet Mint. Benefits aside from Doctor Kiss’s lovely scent include its capability to moisturize.

This balm isn’t too waxy or slick though, so the consistency lends itself perfectly for wearing underneath lipstick—it doesn’t interfere with the application, and it lasts long enough that it doesn’t necessitate hourly reapplication to keep the flakes at bay. 

What’s your favorite balm to apply under lipstick? Spill in the comments!

Vanitymark Dr. Kiss retails for $12 at

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