New: Dr. Jart V7 Line

By Julia Casella
V8 Vegetable Juice is really good for you and all but I prefer cleaners to carrots so Dr.Jart+’s new V7 line was my main source of nourishment at last weeks event at Kristalbelli —well that and all the delicious hors d’oeuvres. More about the new Dr. Jart+ line: 

The line consists of a skincare system and a BB cream that leave skin perfectly moisturized – an essential factor for maintaining glowly, bright skin as the fall air creeps in. The Cleansing Foam and Renewal Serum have made it into my nightly  routine but my favorite product by far is the Skin Perfecting VitaLaser, which can be applied over the Renewal Serum or after your normal nighttime skin routine. Just slather it on 10 minutes before going to bed and the double-dose vitamin infused cream works it’s magic while you sleep. 
Effortless nourishment–now that’s my kind of vitamin. 
The V7 line is available at sephora and  

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