Official Mascara Correspondent: MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash review

Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh test-drives MAC Cosmetics Zoom Waterfast Lash. How does she fare? Read her review and find out.

Two year ago I reviewed MAC’s Zoom Lash for Beauty Blogging Junkie and love love loved it. One application is all it took to boost my lashes to the heavens. It’s three-sided tapered brush holds tons of product so coat two is nearly unnecessary. The brush is the same in this waterproof version but the formula is slightly different (duh, it’s waterproof.)

While with the original formula the second coat wasn’t really wearable, I liked two coats of this version. I found that two coats gave me major drama, total evening lashes. My lashes grouped together nicely and tapered off like falsies. I pushed my luck with an afternoon touch-up but found my lashes to be a little too brittle to hold more product.

And when MAC says Waterfast, they mean it: it didn’t budge all day and it too a facewipe, oil-based eyemakep remover and cleanser to get it all off! I’m not mad at that because when you want waterproof, you want waterproof! Buy this baby!–Ashleigh Ciucci

MAC Cosmetics Zoom Waterfast Mascara retails for $16 at

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