Neutrogena Twitter Party Thursday At 1:30pm

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Truly, my relationship with Neutrogena is longer than most others in my lifestyle–longer than any of my friendships except with my BFF Lee. When I saw Sarah Jessica Parker taking a bubble bath when I was in middle school in Girls Just Want To Have Fun, guess who purchased the economy sized container of Rain Bath at CVS at the Montgomery Mall that weekend?  Guess which other dream consumer (hint: It’s the same dream consumer) took the 14-day Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo challenge that was all the rage in the early ’90s? Who was asking their mother for checks to “send away” for a mini Caboodle filled with teeny tiny Neutrogena Body Oil, Rain Bath and Oil-Free Acne Washes the minute they hit middle school? You get the idea. 
So I’m excited to host a Neutrogena Twitter party on Thursday, September 20 at 1:30pm ET (use hashtag #NTGCLASSICS) all about the brand’s cult products. Here’s a rundown of the ones I’ll be discussing and giving away. My favorite of the batch? The Triple Moisture Mask for hair. It works better than any fancy Sephora-bought celeb-stylist created hydrator I’ve ever tried.

Neutrogena® Body Oil
· Light sesame formula leaves skin soft and silky and protects against moisture loss.
· Absorbs quickly with no greasy after-feel
· Dermatologist-tested.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream
· Developed to heal severely dry skin and relieve rough, chapped hands and five years of clinical testing proves its superiority at healing dry skin.
· Retains moisture by boosting skin’s natural barrier against the elements that damage it.
· Dermatologist recommended.

Neutrogena Rainbath® Shower & Bath Gel
· Gentle shower gel that cleans & conditions all skin types, without leaving behind a filmy residue
· Clean-fresh fragrance invigorates & refreshes
· Non-Comedogenic

Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-Residue Formula
· Instantly removes OVER 90% of dulling residue left by shampoos, conditioners and styling products.
· Rich lather leaves hair clean, shiny and soft and rinses off thoroughly.
· Clear formula uses no artificial dyes or colorants.
· For all hair types.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture™ Deep Recovery Hair Mask
· Contains naturally-derived ingredients proven to moisturize all three layers of the hair strand
· Proven to moisturize even severely dry hair to feel soft and smooth all day, after a single use
· Gives hair a smooth, radiant, healthy look after a single use

NEUTROGENA MEN® Triple Protect Face Lotion SPF 20
· Soothe razor irritation – Anti-irritants, derived from licorice and chamomile help to calm skin and reduce razor burn
· Heal dry skin – Olive extract, glycerin, Pro Vitamin B5 and allantoin works to moisturize and heal dry skin
· Defend – Anti-oxidants, such as Green Tea Extract and Vitamin E help to protect skin from free radicals and environmental damage Contains Active Soy to help fight the signs of fine lines and wrinkles
· SPF 20 helps to defend against the damaging effects of the sun

See you at 1:30 on Thursday! In the meantime, if you’re not following me already, are we in a fight? I’m @Glambr. See you then!

And tell me: Which Neutrogena item of yore (or a new one!) blows your hair back? I know, in the words of Girls Just Want To Have Fun’s Natalie Sands–“Decisions are the worst!”

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