Sponsored Post: Save $2.50 On CoverGirl Lip Products! Here’s How

Me, rocking CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipstick in Flame.
Thanks to Dina for snapping the pic! 

Inspired by Sky Ferreira‘s new tune, “Red Lips,” I’ve been on the Just A Lip Look Tour 2012.

The weather’s been so steamy that wearing foundation, blush and even an eye concept–basically anything that’s capable of sweating off–is utterly futile. Lipstick, with its relegation to a single region that requires touchups on a regular in a geographic area that is incapable of sweating is the ideal cosmetic for a heat wave. Why? You need no other definition–it works perfectly on a bare face. It’s bright. It makes a statement. Best of all? It dresses up the cotton you’re rocking lest you sweat through your fourth silk frock of the week and have to make yet another trip to the dry cleaner. It’s not easy to look polished in a heat wave! CoverGirl feels you, and is offering a special coupon in this Sunday’s Parade insert! Makeup mavens can save $2.50 on any Outlast, LipPerfection or Blast lipstick product. The offer expires August 31, so you have time to pick up that hot summer lip shade. Here, your lip look options.

Blast Flipstick
Each BlastFlipstick yields an array of stunning colors within one tube, and has unlimited potential to create customizable looks for every season. Mix and match shades to choose your own lip look adventure.

LipPerfection Lipcolor

COVERGIRL LipPerfection lip color is the latest collision of color and moisture, providing complete lip therapy. In a single stroke, lips are enhanced with rich, rewarding color, as the silk moisturizers transform them into better conditioned lips in just seven days. Flame, my favorite of the lot, is an electric pinked-off red.

Outlast All-Day Lipcolor
In just two steps, CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor beautifully outlasts them all! Outlast All-Day Lipcolor lasts for 16 hours to keep your lip look strong all day long. The 41-hue palette offers an improved, higher chroma shade range for brighter, more noticeable lips.
Outlast Lipstain
Renowned makeup artist, Pat McGrath designed the unprecedented shade palette that was inspired by the fashion trends seen on the runways. Lipstain delivers a natural flush of color that lasts for hours and the marker tip applicator lets you draw on lips with pen-like precision.
Punctuate your weekend outfit with a pop of color! Check your paper on Sunday for the CoverGirl coupon and find your perfect summer lip look. Just be sure to stay within the lines, unlike Sky does in the video (also, skip the horrifying tarantula, maybe). 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by CoverGirl, but all opinions herein are my own. Samples of CoverGirl lipsticks were provided.

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