Joust Of The Justins + More: Destination Procrastination

I ponder seriously which Justin’s (Timberlake or Bieber) dating proposition to accept. In the words of Natalie Sands, decisions are the WORST.
[MTV Buzzworthy]

Heidi Klum’s makeup artist, Sabrina Bedrani, teaches her best foundation tips

Shu Uemura launches a 24K gold eyelash curler and though I haven’t used one in 3 years (thanks to the fabulous Courtney Akai), I find myself wanting one. Desperately
[A Little Alytude]

Do you need an excuse for a blowout? I don’t, and neither does Catherine, who frequents both of my favorite stylists–Matt and Greg
[Allure Daily Beauty Reporter]

Kate Spade drops her prim veneer for the nonce
[The Luxury Spot]

All I have to say is SEAHORSE PANTS
[Fashion Binge]

Four things women do that men will never understand
[Betty Confidential]

A guide to being irresistible
[Your Tango]

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