Destination: Procrastination

PJ road-tests Curel Hand & Cuticle Therapy and Foot Therapy
[Betty Confidential]

Great comebacks to the “Why aren’t you two married yet?” question
[How About We]

Thirty reasons to love Prince William

Julie exfoliates with three food court materials. How’d that go? Find out
[XO Jane]

Dudes disclose which of the worst “Cosmpopolitan” sex tips they actually like
[The Gloss]

My gal Patrice pens an amazing tribute to her late friend, author Erica Kennedy

Tamz’ thoughts on trends are SPOT ON. Let’s relax people, mmkay?
[Fashion Binge]

For realz travel tips for Paris
[The Luxury Spot]

I’m DEFINITELY hitting up the Rachel Zoe Collection sample sale (because I’m not CRA)

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