This NYC Guy Keeps Track Of Girls He’s Dating In Excel + More: Destination Procrastination

I wish this douche using Microsoft suite products to keep track of the TWELVE girls he’s dating surprised me. But it doesn’t. P.S. I was forwarded the original email

I 100% agree with Tia’s assessment that if you’re lacking major lashes or earrings, you look like a man. #sorryimnotsorry
[Shake Your Beauty]

Opticians are finally addressing my lash-extensions-banging-against-my-glasses needs

Can pregnant women dye their hair?

W’s Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy loves smelling… everything in this hilar video

Five silk pants perfect for spring
[Fashion Binge]

How to wear pastel makeup
[Beauty Blitz]

Check out some beauty blogger splurges (including those of yours truly)
[Real Beauty]

Pick Angelina Jolie’s wedding gown
[Betty Confidential]

Seven Nyne Self-Tanner (yes, Lindsay Lohan’s) review
[The Luxury Spot]

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