Twix Cake, Britney’s Father And Fiance Issues: Destination Procrastination

This TWIX CAKE stopped me dead in my tracks this morning. Proof that there is a God
[The Luxury Spot]

Ashley Judd’s smart response to the public’s pontificating on her puffiness
[The Daily Beast]

I covered Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s date to see “The Hunger Games” for Buzzworthy
[MTV Buzzworthy]

Want to experiment with the high-low skirt trend? Try this one on the cheap from Forever 21
[College Fashion]

Are Britney Spears’ fiance and father turning her into a child? If she can get through 2007, she’ll get through this
[Betty Confidential]

Officially A Thing: Wooden TIES
[The Frisky]

 Simply spring cleaning with this list

Twelve steps to repairing a broken heart
[College Candy]

Tia picked a STRIPPER’S brain about the best way to shave your nan (short for punany) and shares. Take notes
[Shake Your Beauty]

Five things you didn’t know about your favorite beauty brands

Perhaps it really is 1994 where she is… Hillary Clinton’s affinity of scrunchies
[Beauty Bets]

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