Corgis Explain The Final Four + More: Destination Procrastination

Corgis explain the final four. I now feel I’d like all my info to come from corgis

Samantha Brick is a totally average woman who thinks her life is so terrible because she’s so pretty. #planetdelushpopulation1
[Daily Mail]

Nail jewelry: It’s a thing
[Lyndar The Merciless]

PHENOM: How to recreate Effie Trinket’s manicure she wore for the reaping in “The Hunger Games”

Michael Fassbender’s 11 hottest roles
[Betty Confidential]

Dina test-drives the Sally Hansen X Avril Lavigne Salon Effects collaboration

SCIENCE says you should slip that cute guy/girl a note on your commute. Can I just do whatever I want in all aspects of life and blame science?
[How About We]

There is such a thing as a pygmy hippo. Here’s an adorable one named Prince Harry. That’s all you need to know
[Daily Mail]

Eleven signs you’re on the date from hell
[College Candy]

Rodin Crema sounds deeply necessary in my lifestyle
[XO Jane]

WANT: Alexander McQueen Coral Skull Clutch
[The Luxury Spot]

Ten celebs fess up about their diet and exercise routines

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