BOUGHT: Asos Wrap Dress With Sequin Cuff

This is a short story.

You know when you’re shopping with a friend and they point out something that’s SO YOU and you realize they’re right and how SICKENING it would truly be if you were to continue your life without that item that’s SO YOU and how patently WEIRD it would be for someone else to be wearing it and NOT YOU when it’s SO YOU? Well, Dina just did that to me via Gchat by sending me the link to this dress and saying just that and then I bought said Asos Wrap Dress With Sequin Cuff online. It has ROSE GOLD SEQUINED CUFFS. IT COMES WITH ITS OWN JEWELRY.

The end.

The Asos Wrap Dress With Sequin Cuff retails for $81 at

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4 Comments BOUGHT: Asos Wrap Dress With Sequin Cuff

  1. Amber Katz

    Ohai, Justina! I did and I love it. It IS pretty short and the V IS pretty low cut, so I pin it so it’s not indecent, but YES. It’s a win for $80. Invest, dollface. Happy birthday.

  2. justina

    i’ve been fighting with myself to order this dress for my birthday! did you get it yet? if so, do you love it in person? please let me know! xoxo


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