Sponsored Post: Avon Spring 2012 Hand Cream

Do we love these newly packaged mini hand creams for spring 2012 that Avon‘s launched or WHAT? At $.99 each (!!!!) they are 1.5 fluid ounces of DELIGHT adorned with straight up Seussian floral designs in Lorax colors. I’m most partial to Vita Moist, the most Loraxian of all.

They’re perfectly portable, prettily packaged and will keep your element-ravaged mitts looking fly with no greasy residue and boast a mild, clean scent. They’re ideal for gals who don’t want to overwhelm when it comes to fragrance, but don’t wish to skimp on the glory of a fun tube. Hand cream, like lip balm, is an item you pull out of your purse repeatedly–shouldn’t it entertain as it does its job? I think so.

Purchase the Avon Spring 2012 Hand Creams at avon.com.

This post is sponsored by Avon, but all opinions shared are my own.

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