Sponsored Post: The Value Of Spa Days

Let a bitch SPA.

For a long time, I used to consider massages and facials to be extravagant purchases, only for the completely indulgent. Especially massages–why spend the cash on a beauty service after which you won’t even look more attractive? It seemed INSANE. Until I caved and started spending on them while on vacation, which ended up being the gateway drug to a massage every few weeks or so to unwind after busy weeks running around and sitting at a desk all day.

Spa days with some of my favorite friends and even spa weekend breaks like the one I took courtesy of Clearasil to the insanely relaxing The Lodge at Woodloch provide a much-needed respite in nature, eating organic food, doing yoga and pilates so that I can return to my scheduled-in-twenty-minute increment workday and not feel burnt out. I find I’m more productive when I can disconnect even just for a day away from the electronics, social media and laptop that infiltrate my every activity to the point where I’m multitasking WHILE I’m multitasking. Taking a day to give my body the rest and attention it needs is so worth the investment, even if it’s my signature poor girl’s spa day I invented, which includes a super cheap mani-pedi at my local salon, a $30 blowout at my favorite inexpensive hair place and an hour massage at Haven (reasonably priced, but not as crazy-cheap as the other services, which makes me feel I’ve earned a little splurge). Or, if I’m really ready to relax, a trip to Spa Castle in Queens can be EPIC. Have you been?

And tell me: How often do you spa?

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