Whitney Blogging Junkie: Whitney Houston’s Iconic Bow Headband

Whitney Blogging Junkie is a series dedicated to the iconic beauty trends of the late Whitney Houston

Evidently, I’m not done discussing how important exactly the role IS that Whitney Houston played in my lifestyle. As my gal Tamar wrote in her tribute to the impossibly glamorous vocal powerhouse, “To say that Whitney Houston influenced everyone who writes for this blog — and probably everyone we write about — is an understatement.” It’s true–Tamar and I even regularly referenced Whitney in our daily lives more often than NORMAL. 

Me, at 6, with my Whitney-inspired oversized bow headband.

Whitney with her gleaming sylph-like aesthetic and majestic voice (if you haven’t already, check out her incredible pipes in an isolated vocals version of “How Will I Know.” You BARELY miss the music. Can you even?)  WAS the eighties for me. Add in a dash of Debbie Gibson, a hint of Tiffany and the New Kids and that was my pop culture initiation. When I saw Whitney Houston’s jaunty side-bow headband in “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”video, I insisted my parents buy me one just like it (mine was green) and then commandeered my dad for a Patrick Demarchelier-style photo shoot with my Cabbage Patch Kid Dolcie Lynn on the front lawn.

What’s your favorite Whitney Houston beauty trend?

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