Sponsored Post: Hair Care That Boasts A Swisssh

Fellow hair honchos, there is a wallet-friendly shampoo and conditioner that’s new Stateside (it’s been a hit in Europe for a while now) and I. Am. Officially TAKEN with it. The brand is a secret for now (shhhhh, I’ll announce it in an upcoming post), however.  Read on for my review…

The new duo is incredibly hydrating yet gossamer-levels of lightweight. As a gal with fine hair (but a lot of it), I struggle with hydrating my mane, eliminating heavy residues and still being able to swing my ‘do flirtily and this shampoo and conditioner combo is a veritable Venn diagram’s cortex/center of addressing all these needs. 

When I use the combo, in fact, I’m reminded of The Hunger Games‘ Alma Coin’s (District 13 President) descriptor, which I’ve never been able to forget: “an unbroken sheet of hair [past] [my] shoulders.”

Check out discoverswisssh.com to find out more and to score a free sample.

Disclosure: Product and compensation were provided by the (for now, secret) hair care brand  for this post, but all opinions herein are my own. 

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  1. Krista

    At last we have something in the UK before you! Love this shampoo and conditioner combo, I’m playing along and not telling anyone who it is > but it does give you swishy hair! Even on a rainy day in London


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