Official Mascara Correspondent: NP Set Glamorista Mascara

This time, Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Ciucci lengthened her lashes with NP Set Glamorista Mascara ($15). How did she fare? Find out in her review below.

Let’s start off with something you don’t necessarily recognize when it comes to mascara; fragrance. It aaaaaalmost smells like cotton candy. But why? After some googling, I found one of it’s thickening ingredients (candelilla wax) has a rich sweet scent. Bingo! However, the yummy smell is just the tip of the iceberg on this one.

The dual-sided rubber brush (one side flat, one side curved) really grips to each lash, depositing pigment evenly. There’s loads of play time, allowing for perfectly flirty tapered lashes. While it had dried a bit by coat two, it didn’t get clumpy when building up the product. I got nice lift and separation, really opening up my eyes.

 Midday, I was able to build up a third more dramatic coat for my evening out. It was a little hard to remove at the end of the night (soap and H2O plus a little eye makeup remover.) However, this is not enough to deter me from saying this is my new fave!

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Ashleigh Ciucci

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