Destination Procrastination: How To Get A Graffiti Nail Art Look + More

Credit: Habitually Chic

How to get a graffiti nail art look like those that grace the talons of Rihanna and Katy Perry
[Bella Sugar]

A review of thebalm time balm concealer (its pigmentedness is INSANE)
[College Candy]

Why you’ll eventually love the photos of yourself you loathe today
[You Beauty]

The futuristic beauty advances in The Hunger Games as rounded up by Allure inspire levels of sci-fi lust the likes of which I haven’t experienced since learning of Hover Boards
[Allure Daily Beauty Reporter]

A scratch-and-sniff children’s book featuring scents of New York City–eau de TRASH in summer is my fave
[The Luxury Spot]

Ten women veterans share their stories
[Betty Confidential]

Why Jason Segal is single
[How About We]

Jenn’s beauty MVPs this week
[Jenn Falik]

Heather rounds up her favorite orange delights, but forgets to include the VERY friendly cat we befriended in Yves Saint Laurent’s garden, the Jarden Majorelle
[Habitually Chic]

In my best virtual cursive, I composed a letter to Mariah Carey re: her amazing weight loss
[MTV Buzzworthy]

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