Estee Lauder’s Shine A Light On Breast Cancer Campaign

The Estee Lauder Company’s 19-year-old Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has expanded its social media reach with their new Shine a Light on Breast Cancer campaign, which includes the launch of a new Facebook app, website, and YouTube and Tumblr integration. Read on…

EL’s campaign was the first to start the now-ubiquitous pink breast cancer ribbon, beginning in 1992. Since 2000, the campaign has focused on illuminating buildings around the world in pink to generate awareness. In fact, it has lit up more than 200 global landmarks globally.

In keeping with the global theme, the Facebook app Shine a Light on Breast Cancer, which lives on the BCA Campaign’s Page, invites you guys to share a message of hope for men and women suffering from breast cancer. Each message adds a tiny pink dot to the world map, which should become bright pink as more people add their words of hope.

Check it out here.

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