Sponsored Post: Head & Shoulders Good Girlfriend Guide

I like to joke that my life is a cheerleading squad--I know more girls than Annie‘s Miss Hannigan and am close with a strange amount of them. So much so that I’ve filled a Varsity, JV and Freshman try-out team. What’s annoying is that nearly every meal of mine is consumed on some kind of catch-up or girls’ night out (when is it not?) scenario, but what’s great is that when I need advice, I have a veritable laundry list of donors. To that end, here’s a reminder that Head & Shoulders has a call out for you to participate in their Good Girlfriend Guide (with ambassador Alyson Hannigan) by submitting advice, checking out that of others, or sharing a personal anecdote about giving your girlfrinds tips/advice.

Of course, the nefarious Miss Hannigan’s crew was a bit too young to offer proper advice (though they weren’t too old to acknowledge that it was straight ridiculous that she curled up with her radio and envisioned that the soap opera actors were addressing HER), but can’t we agree that she could have used a few savvy tips?

Share your advice and anecdotes on the Head & Shoulders Facebook page.

Disclosure: Product and compensation were provided by Head & Shoulders for this post, but all opinions herein are my own. 

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