Backstage Beauty: Mandy Coon Spring/Summer 2012

NARS‘ National Makeup Artist Francelle created the look for the Mandy Coon Spring 2012 runway show. The look was all about cool, lavender eyes and dewy skin. P.S., gals, for spring 2012, expect lots of lavender-grey lids–I saw the same look at backstage at Rebecca Taylor. “It’s girly because of the eye color, but it’s tough since there’s no eyeliner,” said Francelle. “The skin is dewy for a really whimsical, effortless affect. I also took a cue from Mark Rothko’s color-blocking and created a modern version on the eye with purple and pink.” To achieve the look, Francelle used three eyeliners on the bottom. She used the Rue Bonaparte shade right under lashline to neutralize any pink. “It’s great for runny concealer, right under lashline,” explained Francelle. Santa Monica Boulevard was applied in the tearduct to pop models’ eye color. For a special effect, Francelle made a small “V” on the outer corners with Madison Avenue, a slate grey to bring out the shape of the eye. “Inspired by Mandy Coon’s collection and mix of textures, I did two different lipstick textures,” said Francelle.  “Bilbao is a nice rosy topaz that ooks good on anyone. Then with my ring finger, I pressed in Valpariso velvet matte lipstick, a beautiful raspberry tone. I wanted to have texture.”  Read on…

The look quite accessible’ anyone can wear it. I’d just get rid of the three liners–and use just Santa Monica in the inner corners for every day. The three is really for special effect.

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Rolando Beauchamp for Bumble and bumble was inspired by a cool girl you see downtown. “Low maintenance glamour,” explained Rolando. He used Bb Gel, weighing the hair down with water, quarter size amount, combing it through then blowing it out. “We want a matte finish with no lift at root,” said Rolando. He created a center part, then pulled down the front pieces down in front of face. Grooming cream was applied to the ends to make it heavier. Then he curled the hair with the iron halfway down shaft of the iron, wrapping it toward the face, leaving the ends free. Bb Texture was then mixed into the hair first warmed up in Rolando’s hands before he rubbed it into the hair for texture.

What are your thoughts on this look?

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