Nars Cosmetics Sea Of Love Set

Francois Nars  is often inspired by the splendor of the ocean, likely thanks to his vaca spot of his private motu in French Polynesia, Motu Tane. Having been to another motu myself during my epic trip to Tahiti  this summer, I can only imagine the beauty of a joint designed with his nuanced eye combined with the natural postcard-esque gorgeosity of Bora Bora. So I have high hopes for NARS ‘ latest, the Sea of Love set, filled with medium and miniature-sized cult classics. Can I just say that medium stuff is actually the best for travel? Mini is good for small trips, but I confess that I always am terrified I’ll run out mid-week of my favorite accoutrement of the set. The exclusive-to-Sephora set provides everything you need to keep your summer glow, as we bid farewell to the season.

Products Include:
· Laguna Illuminator – brown with golden shimmer

· Mini Orgasm Multiple Blush – peachy pink with shimmer

· Medium Turkish Delight Lip Gloss – pink sorbet

· Mini Super Orgasm Blush – peachy pink with gold glitter

The Nars Cosmetics Sea Of Love set retails for $49 and is available now, exclusively at Sephora and

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