Everything But The Kitchen KINK: Living Proof Straight

In the beauty blogging biz, there are many notable women of color–some of my blogging besties include Daneen, Julia, Andrea and Lianne. These women take their hair SERIOUSLY. I have been known to peruse black hair forums for ideas. I’ve long been a reader of Essence.com because they take that shit seriously enough to have a beauty section AND a separate hair corner. Okay? And naturally, in addition to tips and product recs, I’ve picked up some of the lingo as well. One thing women of color are always lamenting about is keeping their respective KITCHENS straight. Read on…

At first I was like, ‘scuse? “Do you need an organization system for your cabinets?” I asked once. “Carol always implements one for me in every apartment I’ve ever lived in–” “No, your kitchen is your HAIRLINE.”  OH. This is an affliction I share. Evidently hair issues and cultural traits like loudness, eating and family members being entirely too up in one another’s business are traits Jews and black women share.

Enter Living Proof Straight, a straight-making hairspray that counterintuitively, you spray on when hair is wet. As only the brand can do, they nailed a chemical combo that John Wilkes Booths frizz with its aerosolized PolyfluoroEster, Living Proof’s breakthrough molecule. It creates sleek, smooth, shiny straight hair without the use of silicones or harmful chemicals. The lightweight formula (seriously–it’s undetectable) can be reapplied to dry hair as well, extending your style for days. Straight won’t build-up, repels dirt and actually helps to protect against heat styling. I spray it all over my “kitchen” after I apply a little mousse at the roots and before I Moroccanoil up my ends and it yields a poker-straight hairline every time–even in the flash thunderstorms we’ve been privy to in New York these past couple days.

Living Proof Straight retails for $17 at Sephora.

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  1. Lola Zabeth

    I’m a curly girl but I straighten the strands every once in a blue moon when the humidity isn’t totally out of control. May have to give this a whirl. Thx for sharing.


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