Sponsored Post: Post-LensCrafters Accufit

Compare your new glasses options your DAMN self! 

Earlier this week, I headed up to LensCrafters on 45th Street and Fifth Avenue for my Accufit experience, which was speedy and quite painless, despite my INSANE squeamishness about eyes. Seriously. After nearly 20 years of wearing contacts, I STILL can only put them in if I look to the side and drop ’em on in toward the bottom of my eye. If I see my own finger coming toward my eyeball straight on, I get nauseous for the rest of the day. Read on for more deets about LensCrafters’ Accufit experience.

First, I met with one of LensCrafters’ opticians who was very pleasant and checked out my eyeball without having to dilate my pupils, always appreciated. I even got to see an enlarged photo of the blood vessels and nerves of my eye on a computer screen. I then scooted off with my prescription in-hand, ready for the fun part: Frames!

Carol is fanatical about anyone thinking they’re going to pick out frames without a veritable panelist of judges and actually sometimes even insists on BEING one of those judges and even drives up from Philly to provide her advice. But even if I didn’t have a task-force of second opinions (I was glad to have my gals Karen and Paige on-hand to help me pick out some pairs), LensCrafters has the technology to show you photos of yourself wearing your glasses options on the computer so you can compare and contrast YOURSELF. It’s like having your very own Carol on-screen, without the sometimes overly critical commentary (kiss kiss, mom!). And beyond that, boasts a GLAMAZING spec selecsh–I chose to try about seven pairs of Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, D&G and Prada. I tried some ombre, some tortoiseshell, some big hipster glasses before deciding on a spectacular pair of D&G black cat-eyes that are so very Luanne Clatterback in Shag. Here she is, in the beginning of this clip preceding the most AMAZING dance sequence of any movie EVER (including Dirty Dancing‘s ending, which I know is a BOLD CLAIM. P.S. I worked in a DD Easter egg within my most recent ELLE blog post.). Related: If you haven’t seen Shag, I don’t understand what you’ve been DOING since 1989 (when the movie came out) that could possibly be more pressing. Southern people, big hair, cat-eye glasses, the ridiculously sexy Buzz, NINETEEN SIXTY-THREE, my favorite YEAR. Get on that, ‘k?

And just as Luanne proved, I’m confident that old adage about boys making passes to girls who wear glasses is pure baloney. To that end, I ran into fellow LensCrafters ambassador (glambassador!) Kat from Corporette, who rocks specs 80% of the time, stacking up some choice frames for her try-on experience on my way out.

Stay tuned for a pic of me rocking my new glamsses! And don’t forget, LensCrafters’ back-to-school Semi-Annual Lens Event lasts through September 12.

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