Makeup MacGuyver: NARS Cosmetics Duo Cream Shadow In Camargue Doubles As Bronzer!

This past weekend in Fort Lauderdale, I found myself without a VERY vital product. Actually, two vital products–I’d arrived sans blush AND bronzer. Quelle disastre! Even more annoying? Andrea Lavinthal and I BOTH forgot cheek enhancements on this trip. What to do?

Well, I improvised and makeup Macguyver’d out–I used the mauvey-brown cream shadow in my Nars Cosmetics Duo Cream Shadow in Camargue. It’s a sheer, creamy finish that works just as well as cheeks as it does on lids. I’m so glad I discovered it; I’ve been intentionally wearing it to enhance my cheekbones since–despite owning as much blush as Alexis Colby Carrington no doubt did on Dynasty. Use it and surely there’s no way anyone “will take [you] to bed and to the cleaners in one night.” P to the S, Camargue is a lovely region in France, Francois Nars‘ native land.

Nars Duo Cream Eye Shadow in Carmargue retails for $33 at

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